Légère reeds Ltd. wants you to be happy with your purchase.  In our experience, most customers are completely satisfied once they find the correct strength, so if you are not happy with your clarinet or saxophone reed, please ask us for a no-hassle exchange of strength within thirty days of purchase.  Unfortunately, reeds which have been modified in any way, cannot be accepted for exchange.  See the list below for details for your region or country.

Legere's new bassoon reeds are extremely difficult to make, and at this time, we will not accept returns or exchanges.

Legere Reeds Ltd. does not now, nor has it ever, sanctioned the testing of reeds in store or the reselling of returned reeds. We operate a direct-to-factory exchange policy, and we discard all returned reeds. We do not warrant that our reeds can be sterilized by immersion in sterilizing fluids, and consequently, we advise against sharing of reeds.

We are constantly improving the quality of our reeds. Every reed that is returned comes back to us for evaluation. We have detailed production records, and are constantly monitoring our quality. Of course, our objective is to have 100% satisfaction. We don't have far to go.

Specific Exchange Policy in various regions and countries.  If your region is not listed here, please contact us directly.