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Did you know?

For 99% of students one Légère reed lasts an entire four month term! Stop wasting time and money.  Experience the freedom to perform. 

Légère Sound Results

The Légère Sound Results program was a test conducted between 2014 and 2015 to determine how high school clarinet and sax band players responded when switching to from cane to Légère reeds.  We gave one signature series reed per student per term/semester to every clarinet and sax player in thirteen US schools and twelve Canadian high schools.  These reeds came with the guarantee that Légère would replace them at no cost should the break or lose their full natural sound. 

Over the past two years Légère has donated almost 2,000 reeds to students across North America.  Of these 2,000 students fewer than 20 additional reeds were requested to replace broken or worn out reeds by the end of the four month term.  Since the program concluded, almost all schools have switched 100% to Légère reeds (at full retail price!). 

Légère Reeds produce a warm, rich sound the same as your best cane reed, but have all the advantages of a synthetic:

  • instant response right out of the box, no pre-moistening needed
  • consistent and reliable
  • unaffected by any weather - humid or dry; hot or cold
  • tough, durable and long lasting - one lasts for months, not days
  • cost effective 

If you are a student in playing sax or clarinet you owe it to yourself to try a Légère reed.