Légère Artist Feature | Dor Assaraf

We caught up with Israeli saxophonist, Dor Assaraf to ask him some questios about how he started his career, how Légère has changed his music and what's next for him! Reda below:

Why did you choose the saxophone over other reed instruments?

At the age of 8 there was a class at the school where I studied and there were two instruments left for me to choose saxophone or drums. Of course I followed everyone and I wanted drums because it was cool and fun, but my mother was there to stop me and chose the saxophone for me!

What keeps you motivated to practice and play?

Until the age of 18, I studied at the High Conservatory of Music five times a week after school. Every day there was something else with a lot of team playing, orchestras, ensembles, theory lessons and more. It was never boring. And yet there was a very strong discipline that gave us motivation to practice because every three months every student would bring up a little recital of his own.

What advice would you give to intermediate musicians taking the leap to the advanced/professional tier?

Invest in what really matters: music. Practice a lot, invest, create, play and all the rest will come at the time.

How has your musical life changed since you started playing Légère reeds?

One of the things that saxophonists really do about 80 percent of the time is looking for the sound; and one of the things that affects the sound is the reed. Every time the life of a reed ends, a new nightmare would begin: looking for a new reed. Légère brought a solution that many tried and failed. To be almost a year with one reed is a dream come true!

What’s next for you in your musical career?

Soon I'm starting to work on a new album and maybe this time we will bring home a Grammy :) And of course, continue to enjoy the work, and continue to breathe music.