Dave Pell

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Dave Pell Octet

Dave Pell started as a working musician in the heydays of the big bands. He joined Tony Pastor's band in 1944, spent two years working with Bob Crosby's Bobcats, then moved to Los Angeles and joined Les Brown's new "Band of Renown" group in 1947. As a tenor sax player, Pell became one of the stars of the Brown band, and he remained with them until 1955.

He then formed his own group, the Dave Pell Octet, along with trumpeter Don Fagerquist, and adopted a lighter style, very much in the spirit of the West Coast jazz movement. Dave has recorded over thirty albums with his band. He also recorded 2 CD’s with his group Prez Conference in celebration of Lester Young featuring "Sweets" Edison and Joe Williams.

Dave's other credits encompass the full scope of the professional music industry from sideman to bandleader, music publisher, producer, jazz musician, label owner and music supervisor for many films

Pell continues to work in the music industry and has his own website, www.davepell.com. And over forty years after their first release, his "Tribute" series made its third appearance, this time on Pell's CD label, Group 7 Records.