Legere Reeds Trial System Retailer Feedback Form

Thank you for your feedback on the Legere Trial System prototype. We hope to use the feedback you, as a valued retailer, provide to create the most useful and effective trial system for Legere Reeds possible. Please be as open and honest with your feedback as you can, as all comments will be read and taken into consideration for the development and production of our Trial System.

All feedback will remain confidential and will be used only for the purposes of revision of the Légère Reed Trial System.

Any thoughts, questions, comments, or concerns regarding the case, reed cases, latches, hinges, branding, portability and durability of the case.
Comments on the reeds; the instruments, series, cuts, and strengths available in the case compared to the reeds that most customers would want to try in-store.
Comments and concerns regarding the enclosed cleaning spray.
How useful do you believe this Trial System will be in a retail environment to help drive sales of Legere Reeds?
All comments will be read and questions answered via email.