Retailer Pro-Certification Feedback

Thank you for helping Légère Reeds and our Pro-Certification Program development.

We want to hear your thoughts, comments, questions, and concerns about the videos, program, certification, T-shirts, and the future of the Pro Program and our retailer-level support.

Please fill this form out, all comments will be kept private, and all feedback will be read by a member of the Légère team. We want to make sure that as a company, we are aware of the needs of retailer-level staff and can provide support to our valued associates in helping customers with Légère Reeds!

We also want to thank you for being a part of the Légère Pro-Certification Program! Your efforts are greatly appreciated.


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Thank you very much for your contribution to the Légère Pro-Certification Program. We will be in touch as the exciting development process continues.