Légère Artist Feature | Pedro Pablo Camara


Why did you choose the saxophone over other reed instruments?

Sxophone was part of my life since I was a baby, my uncle Vicente, amazing saxophonist, lived in the same home and I was hearing the whole day his beautiful sound, so when I had to choose it was clear, I wanted to play also sax!

What keeps you motivated to practice and play?

MUSIC, for me the key of the motivation is the search, trying to understand music better everyday, to discover something new in your musical language but above all, enjoy the feelings that music gives you, especially the really good music. It gives you everything, all you need to communicate to the public, this is just amazing. We musicians are very fortunate to be able to work with our emotions and those of the people around us. Every day I wake up with the illusion of being a better musician.

How has your musical life changed since you started playing Légère reeds?

it changed in terms of comfort, safety, beauty and stability. All this allows you to think more about other aspects that are more important for interpretation, such as phrasing, articulation, color, etc. For me it was a great discovery because I live in several countries, traveling continuously. The Légère reeds offer you the certainty that your sound will be the same, that gives you a lot of confidence as a musician. They are really confortable to teach too.

What’s next for you in your musical career?

I am involved in numerous projects, all very exciting that keep me with a fresh energy and motivation. On the one hand, there is my role as an interpreter where I have planned to present my new double CD, also for IBS Classical, with contemporary pieces for solo saxophone and with electronics in April. In July I have the beginning of the next recording with the orchestra I Musici di Basilea, also for the IBS label, with concerts by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, it will also be a double CD. I have some beautiful concerts planned where I will present new pieces by great composers (Torá, Escudero, Sánchez-Verdú, Alonso and Paul) in Berlin, Munich, Graz, Rome or Madrid. On the other hand, I continue with my pedagogical area at the CSKG in Madrid with my wonderful Master and Bachelor students, and I will give master classes at the UdK in Berlin, Music and Theater University in Munich or Arts University in Graz.