Légère BETA Testing Project - Agreement


You've been chosen as a Légère Reeds BETA Tester! 


  1. Please complete and submit the short form below.
  2. Test reeds along with a link to a feedback form will be sent to you at the address provided in this form
  3. You will be expected to complete the feedback forms within two (2) weeks of recieving the reeds. 
  4. You will be rewarded for your support and help in this project by recieving free reeds in the near future! 

Thank you for being part of the future of synthetic reeds!

Légère BETA Testing Project - Terms and Conditions
Légère Reeds Ltd. reserve the right to discontinue the development, launch or sales of any reed at any point in time. We reserve the right to discontinue the BETA Testing Project at any time. Reeds listed in the application may not ever be developed, tested, and/or sold (although we certainly intend to!). Légère Reeds acknowledges that reeds in early stages of developement may not be optimized for playing yet and may even be unplayable. 
Any participation in this project will constitute as acceptance of this agreement. 

Artist Photo

"I think the reeds légère have been a great advance for the evolution of the Clarinet’s History. With the reeds légère I can interpret any piece of the solo or orchestral repertoire, with a sound of great quality, fantastic control of the articulation and the intonation. Best of all is the psychological rest of knowing that reed always responds." - Enrique Pérez Piquer

Artist Photo

Born in Abarán (Murcia, Spain). He starts his clarinet studies at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Murcia, finalizing the Superior Grade with Honorable Mention.

In 1998 he moves to Paris for postgrade studies, being awarded scholarships for two years by the Fundación Séneca at L'Ecole Normale de Paris "Alfred Cortot", obtaining the Performance degree and the Concert diploma, both with the jury unanimity.

Légère BETA Testing Project - Feedback Form

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