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Strength Chart

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Did you know?

It takes two weeks from the time that we first process our plastic until we put the reed in its final package!

Some people imagine that our reeds are stamped or molded out of cheap plastic in a few seconds.   This could not be farther from the truth.


Saxophone Reeds

Légère reeds are available for virtually all saxophones and have a beautiful tone and range, together with all the normal advantages of a synthetic reed.   In our Classic Series of reeds, we have two cuts for  Alto Sax, two cuts for Tenor Sax, and one cut for Soprano Sax.  We also have a single cut for the remaining Saxophones.  

Our standard cuts for Alto and Tenor are designed for a darker sound and generally used for a classical set-up. Our Studio Cut reeds are free blowing, bright and flexible.  New players should choose the Studio Cut or the newer Signature Series.

Légère Signature Series reeds were introduced for Alto, Tenor and Soprano Sax following the spectacular success of our Signature Series clarinet reeds, which were hailed as a breakthrough in synthetic reeds, and are now used by many professionals. Larry Combs, former Principal of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra,  has said the Signature Series clarinet reeds are"... equal to or better in many respects than the best cane reeds".  Signature Series reeds provide all the subtle control and flexibility demanded by today's top session and recording pros, but of course, they can work for everyone. 

The bottom line: All of our reeds are professional quality.  It is just a matter of finding the right reed for your setup, and of course, ensuring that you are using the proper strength.  If in doubt, we recommend choosing a slightly softer reed to start. 

The complete list of saxophone reeds we produce is as follows:

Eb Alto Sax,  Eb Alto Sax Studio Cut,  Eb Alto Sax Signature Series

Bb Tenor Sax,  Bb Tenor Sax Studio Cut,  Bb Tenor Sax Signature Series

Bb Soprano Sax,  Bb Soprano Sax Signature Series

Bb Bass Sax

Eb Baritone Sax, "NEW" Eb Baritone Sax Signature Series

Eb Contrabass Sax


If you don't find what you are looking for, please contact us. Our reeds are graded with great accuracy and sold in ¼ strengths.  Click our strength chart to see a comparison with other brands of reeds and to find out the range of strengths we produce for each of our products. 

All of our reeds are patent protected.