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Strength Chart

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Did you know?

It takes two weeks from the time that we first process our plastic until we put the reed in its final package!

Some people imagine that our reeds are stamped or molded out of cheap plastic in a few seconds.   This could not be farther from the truth.


Saxophone Reeds

Standard Cut (Available for Tenor, Alto, Soprano, Baritone and Bb Bass)

This Classical style reed is made from hard materials and is design to produce a darker sound. They have a thicker tip than our other Saxophone reed cuts and are typically preferred by more advanced players. If you prefer a stiffer reed for your Traditional or Classical set-up then this is the cut for you.

Studio Cut (Available for Tenor and Alto)

This jazz style reed is made from materials much softer than our Standard cut reeds. While similar in profile to our Standard cut reed, the vamp design is where these two cuts differ. Our Studio cut reeds are free blowing, bright and flexible. This cut is an ideal choice for students or artists who require a softer reed.

Signature Series (Available for Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone)

Artists tend to prefer our Professional Signature Series reeds as these reeds are a great deal more responsive in all registers. Signature Series reeds are made from a more dense material, allowing the reed to be cut substantially thinner. The unique design of these reeds makes them more flexible across the tip, producing maximum results with minimal effort.

The bottom line is that no matter which reed you choose you always get the same Légère quality and the durability Légère has become famous for. Remember all Légère reeds are offered in ¼ strengths and are the only reeds that come with an "Exchange of Strength" policy.