Friday Reeds | Unusual saxophones and the Légère Reeds that love them!

On today’s #FridayReeds we share some fun facts about unusual saxophones and the Légère Reeds that love them!
The C melody soprano saxophone, closely resembles the B♭ soprano saxophone but it's pitched a tone higher. It was originally created for musicians who didn't want to transpose, as it is the only saxophone that is not a transposing instrument! The Légère B♭ soprano reed, work perfectly with the C melody soprano sax and the Légère tenor reed perfectly works on the C melody tenor saxophone!
The Mezzo-soprano saxophone, looks like an alto sax but sounds more like a soprano. There are few out there, but if you have one, try the Légère alto saxophone reed on it!
Made in the late 1920's, the Conn-o-Sax was meant to have the body of a Heckelphone, the playing style of a saxophone, and the sound of an English Horn. Fewer than 500 are known to exist! Have access to one? The Légère alto saxophone reed is a great match.
Do you play the Tubax? The Légère bass Signature Series reed will give you a pristine sound.  
The sopranissimo saxophone, also known as the Soprillo,currently works with the Légère E♭ clarinet reed and the Légère sopranino reed (currently in BETA testing!). 
The saxello is a straight version of the soprano sax with a tilted bell and tilted neck for ergonomic and acoustic properties. As expected, the saxello can be played with a Légère soprano reed. 
The xaphoon is a traditional bamboo single reed instrument from Hawaii.  It is portable, like a recorder, but sounds like a mix between a saxophone and a clarinet. The xaphoon is a perfect match for the Légère tenor saxophone reed. So much so, that the original inventor of the instrument Xaphoon - The Maui Xaphoon Pocket Sax​ sells them in conjunction with Légère reeds! 
We envision a time where all reed instruments, no matter how obscure, have a specifically designed Légère reed. Sign up to be part of the future of the industry. Apply to become a BETA tester here: 
Which of these instruments do you play? Have you found a different way to use your Légères?