Légère Artist Feature | Corrado Giuffredi

Why did you choose the clarinet over other reed instruments?

Since I was ten years old, my dear uncle gave me a record of Henghel Gualdi who was a famous italian great musician, from then I fell in love with the clarinet sound; furthermore, when I tried to play the instrument few days later I immediately felt that it was for me”

What keeps you motivated to practice and play?

“The music keeps me always motivated because music is my life; each day I always try to improve my playing : in the orchestra as principal clarinet at the "Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana", in my recitals and when i teach my students”

What advice would you give to intermediate musicians taking the leap to the advanced/professional tier?

“First of all to become a professional musician you need your own musical talent that can be exploited only with hard daily work and persistency, two important ingredients which are successful only if they're both equally followed; along with, the teacher plays an important role too”

How has your musical life changed since you started playing Légère reeds?

“My musical life changed for the better because the Légère reeds are a perfect match with my CG mouthpiece and Backun clarinets without renouncing in sound quality! My dynamic range became even wider. like an italian super car they have "NO limits".

What’s next for you in your musical career?

“To keep my musical activities around the world along with love from the people that adore my playing”