Brad Brewer

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"I use Légère Reeds for this simple reason: They're simply dependable! I perform with them for almost every application, with all my horns from Soprano to Bari. When I am on the road, I don't need another thing to worry about. Will my reeds be ready for the show? - Yes. Légère makes reeds for the performer. I know that whether I am under the gun or not, my Légère reeds will perform just as well tonight as they did last night!" – Brad

Saxophonist and performer Brad Brewer calls Virginia Beach, VA his home. The early days of his career saw Brewer as a lead vocalist and soloist for several club acts and rock bands, while working through college. He received his B.S. Degree in Communication from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA in 2008. 

Brad Brewer has made a name for himself as a musical chameleon, traversing fluidly between genres and musical extremes. From world music with the likes of the Spanish jam-band, Sol Libre, and the trop-rock band Calypso Nuts and Ramajay, to the hard hitting funk show band Right On, Brad Brewer has made it a mission to learn from as many styles of music as possible. Both his aggressively fun approach to his playing and his exciting stage presence make him a powerful force of entertainment. 

Having performed extensively with various acts throughout the US, in Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean, Brewer has had the unique opportunity to play with some very exciting musicians and entertainers such as Smokey Robinson, John Michael Montgomery, Billy Dean, Amy Lee and Doyle Grisham (of The Coral Reefers), and The 10,000 Maniacs.

Recording credits include:

  • Sonya Lorelle; The Life You Wanted (2005)
  • The Calypso Nuts; No Lifeguard On Duty (2009), Orange (2010), Kiwi (2010), Unplugged (2011), Colors (2013)
  • The Right On Band; Never Alone Single (2009), The Platinum Album (2009), 
  • John Friday; Coastal Cowboy (2012)
  • Dave McKenney; Four Hour Lunch Break (2013), *Untitled (Pre-Production 2016)
  • AudioStrobeLight; History As Written By The Defeated (2016) 

Current reed/mouthpiece setups:

  • Tenor- Légère Signature / Theo Wanne Durga, Shiva, and Datta (custom)
  • Soprano- Légère Signature / Super Session *Customized by Joe Giardullo w/ Theo
  • Wanne Enlightened Ligature, Theo Wanne Mantra
  • Alto- Légère Signature / Theo Wanne Kali
  • Bari- Légère Classic / Vintage Selmer Scroll Shank C* w/ Wanne Enlightened Ligature

Find Brad online and via social media:
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Instagram- @bradbrewersax

~From friends and fellow players, to local students and band directors, Brad Brewer recommends Légère reeds across the board!~