David Hernando Vitores

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Performing/Recording Artist and Composer

“Since I use Légère Signature Series I have found a homogeneous sound without change depending on the room or auditorium. It is easy to issue, balanced in all registers; serious, medium, high and altissimo. The sound is clear and clean. This is very important because for classical music, the saxophonist has to play with the best possible comfort without concern for the reed. It's perfect for contemporary music to play many effects. When I play the saxophone, I am very calm because I know that the reed will be in optimum condition during my concerts. The Légère Signature reeds are an important way forward! They are great!” - David Hernando

David Hernando has performed as a soloist or a component different groups, highlighting places like National: Teatro de la Zarzuela in Madrid, National Music Auditorium, Monumental Theatre, Music Hall UAH, Auditorium Carlos III University, Cathedrals Jaén and Burgos, University of Alcalá, Teatrso del Canal “Sala Roja”, Real Academia de Bellas Artes, Auditorio 400 Reina Sofía, Auditorios Cicus and Manuel de Falla Sevilla, Auditorio de Tres Cantos, Sala Manuel de Falla “SGAE” Palacio Longoria Grases Riera ,  countries like France and Italy ...

David has collaborated with ”Orquesta Metropolitana de Madrid”, “Orquesta de Alcalá de Henares”, “Barbieri Symphony Orchestra”, Orquesta y Coro de la Comunidad de Madrid”, and the Sax-Ensemble group which was credited with the National Award Music in 1997. Currently part of the group WASEI DUO with pianist Kayoko Morimoto.

His taste for contemporary music style has made him compose such works as "Cheyenne Prediction", "Approach" and "Eien (永远)). To his credit has a disc specifically for classical saxophone "Sixth Sense" including works by different authors as; Jacques Ibert, Paganini, Bozza, Debussy, Muzynski, Rode ... and one Single "Luciano Berio Sequenza IXb for Alto saxophone". He has worked on recording live albums with the Metropolitan Orchestra at the National Auditorium Madrid; In the Moon, Night Night Soul Soul I and II. He has also participated in retransmissions for National Radio of Spain from the Teatro de la Zarzuela with the Community of Madrid Orchestra.

David recently completed "Chugaeri" the new work for alto saxophone and piano, dedicated to renowned composer Mario Carro; which will premiere at the World Congress of Strasbourg "France" in July 2015 with pianist Kayoko Morimoto. He has been invited to participate in the next International Festival of Contemporary Music Tres Cantos "2015" by the soprano Sonia de Munck and pianist Aurelio Viribay.

In his collaborations with symphony orchestra David has been led by conductors such as Donato Renzetti, Domenico Longo, Silvia Sanz, Santiago Serrate, Alain Crepin among others. David Hernando is currently resident musician prestigious group Sax-Ensemble.


Contact David at;
Personal Website: www.davidhernando vitores.com 
Website: www.waseiduo.com
Email:    davidhernando1988@gmail.com
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0avQyTOYCfQ2oOZFN6qEtk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/david.hernandovitores?fref=ts
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/davidhernando1988