David LaMay

Artist Photo

“I am thrilled with the quality of technology and craftsmanship that goes into Légère reeds, it has allowed me and my students to spend our efforts on making quality music no matter the conditions. I've researched other synthetic reeds but nothing comes close to the performance and feel of my Légère reeds. From my students, that play inside and out through many activities, I have a student that is allergic to traditional cane reeds, she loves her Légère Signature series and to my own person use doubling, gigging inside and outside Légère reeds deliver every time!” – David LaMay

Multi-instrumentalist, David LaMay, started playing the clarinet when he was only 8 years old and living in the Washington, DC area. Growing up music was a staple in his family. His passion for music was kindled by enthusiastic teachers and by frequent exposure to top groups like the Friday Morning Music club and Service Band concerts, as well as listening to the sounds of Benny Goodman on the radio at his grandparents’ house. 

David is active with the local music community, plays with an NFL Professional Marching band, local and international orchestras and concert bands. 

“I was introduced to Légère reeds through a fellow musician, Brad Brewer, and I am excited to be using Légère reeds.”  - Thank you, David