Dor Assaraf

Artist Photo

"Always when the summer comes, the saxophonist's nightmare begins, just 3 minutes for the saxophone outside, and you can say goodbye to reed. When I first heard of Légère and their reeds, I thought to myself, after 20 years in the field of music and saxophones, what can be surprising, it's probably another experimental product or another nice patent for saxophone, but after I tried and used it, I was surprised to discover something else. One thing I told myself at the moment, stopped searching for the perfect reed. He's here!!

As soon as I started playing, I felt his quick reaction, the wonderful sensibility, the simplicity of the overtones production.

I have not changed the reed for half a year!! Amazing!!

And the most amazing thing is that weather has no effect on reed. So that in all weather conditions, reed remains the same.
Happy to finally meet a product that has a real impact on our conditions as saxophonists. Thank you Légère!!!" - Dor Assaraf

Dor Assaraf was born in Israel in 1984, and his musical career began at age 9 saxophone in the field of classical music. With many effects and a great attraction to world music, he began to create music that fuses Jewish music with other styles, including world music like Jazz Fusion R & B. At the age of 20, he already toured the world with several great Jewish music artists.

In August 2015 he released his first instrumental solo album, called “Agadelcha”, an excellent album of Jewish music with contemporary arrangements, The album was nominated for Grammy 58th and received amazing reactions in Israel and abroad.

Dor Assaraf is one of the best saxophone players in the country and you can hear his unique sound in many Jewish music albums. Together with his band, he performs all over the world in Jewish communities and world music festivals.