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“I've been playing saxophone for close to 30 years, and on the Légère reeds for the past 6 or 7 years. The Légère reeds are the best reeds (in both cane and synthetic) on the market, to date. In addition, unlike the cane reed which changes from coast to coast or continent to continent due atmospheric differences, the Légère reeds are also the most consistent reed I've ever played on, in terms of performance, power, endurance, range, and expression. I am truly honored to globally promote, represent, and endorse such an incredible product and new technology in this new millennium." - Dr. Alvin McKinney (January 22, 2008) 

“Now 2016, I Joyfully stand by every word, as people tell me at every performance, globally, that they love my sound. Thank you Légère Reeds Ltd., for continuing to provide phenomenal Customer Service, and continuing to make Superior Tone Enhancing Reeds.  You are THE BEST!” - Dr. Alvin McKinney, 'The Prime Minister of Joyful Jazz'

Dr. Alvin McKinney is a Virtuoso Alto Saxophonist, song writer/composer, arranger, and producer. He started his musical journey playing drums at age four.  At age twelve, he picked up his first Saxophone. It became his first passion, and the focus of his career aspirations in music.  He attended the University of Memphis, where he studied Classical Saxophone under Professor of Saxophones, Mr. Allen Rippe.  He performed with the Marching Band, Jazz Band, and won the Woodwind Concerto competition in 1986. He graduated in 1989 with a concentration in Saxophone Performance.  He went on to study Saxophone Performance under world renowned Professor of Saxophones, Mr. Donald Sinta, at the University of Michigan Master’s Program, where he taught Jazz Styles as a Graduate Assistant under Mr. Ed Sarath. He holds a Masters in Divinity, and a Doctorate in Sacred Music from the Global Evangelical Christian College and Seminary, in Wetumpka, Alabama.

Dr. McKinney taught band and orchestra for 14 years.  He resigned in 2013, stepping out on faith to pursue his lifelong dream to perform, record, and compose music full time. While teaching, he attended National University in Culver City, California; where he completed 18 credit hours of the Masters in Music Education curriculum.  He serves as the Assistant Pastor and Minister of Music for Redeemer Church of Christ-Power of God Ministries.  He is the founder of the Alvin & Elizabeth McKinney Foundation, a 501c3 tax exempt charitable organization that raises funds to provide musical outlets and purchase instruments for aspiring young people who cannot afford to buy their own instrument.

Dr. McKinney hosted Joyful Jazz Ministries, on Cross TV Network, live, first Tuesday of every month from 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm Pacific Time, in Duarte, CA, which featured Christian Artists and Producers in all Music Genres, from November 2015 to April 2016.  He also hosted The Joyful Jazz Show, live from Roscoe’s Media Center Studios in Los Angeles, CA, from October 2013 to November 2015 (82 Broadcasts).

Over the years, Dr. McKinney has performed or recorded with such industry giants as B. B. King, Louie Bellson, Clark Terry, Kirk Whalum, Billy Preston, Phil Upchurch, Lou Rawls, Jason Crabb & the Crabb Family, Andrae Crouch, The Batiste Family, and Morris Cerullo World Evangelism.  He performed at the 2016 NAMM-Légère Reeds, Inc. booth.  He ministered in Dubai for the “International Gathering of Firebrands” Revival, invited by Pastor Ade Ojedokun.  He’s toured in Ghana, Russia, and throughout the West Indies.  In Barbados, he received the Face of Africa-Ambassador of Human Rights Award from the International Gathering for Peace and Human Rights of Africa.  He has Headlined at the House of Blues’ Gospel Brunch in Hollywood, CA with Sylvia St. James; and with Ray Sidney & The Firm Soundation.  He has performed for Jarvee Hutcherson’s Multicultural Motion Picture Association’s (MMPA) “Ladys In Red-Diamond Rose Awards”-“Stand Up For Cancer” Benefit; and toured with Dr. Iris Stevenson and the Crenshaw Elite Choir in France, Notre Dame, Moneco, Tunisia, Spain, Switzerland; Los Angeles, New York, and Washington D.C. at the White House for President Barack Obama.

He plays flute, clarinet, midi wind controller, keyboard, drums, and auxiliary percussions. He performs Classical, Traditional Jazz, Swing Jazz, Gospel Jazz, Gospel, Blues, Dixieland, R & B, Soul, Pop, and Funk.  Dr. McKinney holds Artist Endorsements with Keilwerth Saxophones, Beechler Mouthpieces, Légère Reeds LTD, Audio Technica Inc., and KORG USA.  He is an Artist/Clinician with The Buffet Group; a member of The American Federation of Musicians (AFM) Local #47, and a member of The National Academy of Recording Arts & Science (NARAS).  He is the full package, with over 40 years of experience in the entertainment industry.


Dr. Alvin McKinney plays music that is blessed by the angels.  It heals you!” Iris Gordy, President, Friends of Fuller B. Gordy; former V.P., Motown Records

There is a devotion to one’s craft which delightfully overlaps with a devotion to one’s God, one’s passion, and one’s purpose. When you can meet and spend time with a person such as this, you are doubly, triply (etc.) blessed.  Alvin McKinney is one such person.  His passion for music and his ministry “oozes” out of him, out of his horn, even out of his emails!  People are hard-pressed not to know what he is working on, how he is working on it, and how he eventually wants to use it for God’s glory…sooner than later.  I am pleased to and honored to recommend and celebrate Rev. McKinney and all that he brings to the worlds of music and ministry.”  Blessings, Kirk Whalum, Saxophonist/CEO, Soulsville Foundation, Inc. – Grammy Award Winner

For Bookings, Public Relations and CDs please visit www.dralvinmckinney.net

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