Emanuele Dalmaso

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Saxophone Teacher and International Performer

“The first time I tried Légère reeds I found that the sound quality was even better than traditional ones and the response was excellent. So, I started to play them and never found a reason to change my first impression. If you’re asking yourself why to use one of these reeds, you will find a lot of answers. You don’t have to lose time searching for a great reed before a concert or even when you are practicing, because all of them sounds perfectly in any situation. They are always ready to play so that you can switch from a saxophone to another during a concert without any problem. The tone color and the articulation are great as well as the reliability. Légère reeds make you feel relaxed when you are playing because you know you can count on them." - E. Dalmaso

Born in 1989, he undertook an excellent school career that lead him to reach the mathematic degree cum laude in 2011. After the saxophone diploma, he got the second level degree in saxophone cum laude and with a special mention for his technical and interpretive skills at the Conservatorio F.A. Bonporti (Trento).

Although he started playing classical music, he soon found that contemporary music better fitted his soul, thanks to Pepito Ros and David Brutti, saxophonists and teachers who helped him to find his own way. Special thanks go to Armando Ghidoni, brilliant composer, and to Giancarlo Guarino (his teacher of chamber music and conduction).

Because of this interest in new music, he formed the “Motocontrario Ensemble”, a group of composers and interpreters that focus their artistic and researching interest in the music of 19th century and contemporary repertoire. In addition to concert, the group tries to create seminars and laboratories, to open new horizons and new branches of research. To pursue these purposes he formed with Raul Masu the “To B.E. 2” (to blow electricity duo). They investigate the expressive possibilities of the interaction between saxophone and computer, blow and electricity.

He mostly plays chamber music, but we can remember also frequent collaborations with orchestras and solo concerts. Many original works were written for him or premiered by him, in collaboration with composers such as C. Colazzo, M. Graziani, A. Mattevi, V. Massetti, M. Longo, R. Masu, D. Dmitrijeva, V. de Paola, etc.

As a teacher he works for the music school “Il Diapason”, He has given lectures and held conferences at the Accademia internazionale di Musica di Lasino and at the Conservatorio F.A. Bonporti.

He plays Rampone & Cazzani R1-jazz saxophones and Légère Reeds.

Visit Emanuele’s personal website for additional information such as a complete calendar of upcoming events and performances at www.emanueledalmaso.com.

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