Eric Chi

Artist Photo

“Synthetic reeds have always been around, and up until recently, I have always found them to be lacking in every way. They sounded bad and responded even worse. Légère was kind enough to send me a European Cut reed about 6 months ago and I was completely blown away. It had the response and tone that I looked for in my cane reeds but with none of the fuss! I have spent the past 6 months testing them in all sorts of situations. I’ve gotten compliments from not only my colleagues but also guest conductors whom I have never met. In addition, nearly all my students are in love with them. At this point, I don’t think I will ever go back to cane.  

It’s very easy to be lured by the longevity, consistency, and ease of playing Légère’ but I really do play them because of their sound and response. Even if these reeds weren’t synthetic, I would still be playing them! I sincerely believe that these reeds are the future of wind playing.” – Eric Chi

Eric Chi, a native Houstonian, is currently a member of the clarinet section with both the Houston Grand Opera and Houston Ballet Orchestras. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Music from the New England Conservatory having graduated with honors in 2008. Summer festival appearances include the Tanglewood Music Center and the Pacific Music Festival. 

In addition to his performance obligations, he is also a passionate teacher aimed primarily towards public music education. He himself is a product of the TMEA All-State system and now spends his time helping students achieve their own goals. Many of his students have placed high in All-State and Area auditions.

He has a dedicated YouTube channel which provides a model for how students should play the TMEA All-state audition etudes. The channel currently has over 1000 subscribers and 500,000 cumulative views.