Glen Gray

Artist Photo

“I was first introduced to Légère reeds, while in college, by my saxophone instructor and loved how it was basically identical to playing on a cane reed! Then, around 2012 or so, I made the switch to solely playing on them on all my saxes: soprano, alto, tenor, and bari, as well as for clarinet. Being a lesson teacher and usually having to play multiple horns at a gig, I needed to know that after putting the horn down for a while, I’d have an immediate response upon picking it up and with Légère, there’s never any doubt. Now, with the Signature Series, I also get that great classical sound and feel in my lessons with students while the studio cut gives me that bite in gigs!” – Glen Gray

Glen Gray graduated from Virginia Tech in 2004, with a degree in Music Education. While at Virginia Tech, Glen studied classical saxophone with Dr. David Jacobsen and participated in jazz bands under the direction of Grammy award winning jazz musician Chip McNeil as well as jazz pianist and composer James Miley. After schooling, he went on to teach in the southwest Virginia area as a high school band director for 6 years.

While teaching, Glen primarily toured with Virginia based band Center Hill, playing shows up and down the east coast. The tour venues ranged from small bars, clubs, large venues, outdoor festivals, and music halls. Throughout his playing time in Virginia, he played shows with Lloyd Dobbler Effect, Sister Hazel, along with members of Sly and the Family Stone, and Tower of Power.

Upon leaving Virginia in the summer of 2010, he came to Houston Texas, where he has become a saxophonist for various bands in the Houston cover scene, playing shows in and around Houston as well as other cities throughout Texas and Louisiana. 

Along with being a regular performer, Glen also teaches private lessons in the Clear Lake area of Houston, where his students range from elementary to adult, representing several of the schools in the surrounding area both public and private. His students have continually gained superior ratings in contests, have been very active in their school bands, made district bands and jazz groups, and some have even gone on to pursue music after graduation.