Harold Rapp, III

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Professional Saxophonist, Composer and Mentor

“From a saxophonist from the mile high city, it is very important to have a reed that is responsive all the time. The high altitude can be a challenge but Légère has come through for me in Denver, CO and all over the world." Harold Rapp III

"Diversity is a real driving force behind what I do. I get tremendous energy when I have the opportunity to be in circles of people from various cultures and ethnicities. Music allows me to ‘speak’ a language that everyone understands and feels!” - Harold Rapp III

If ever there was a musician whose intense love with expressing his life through music, Harold Rapp is this musician.

The passion, stage presence, and musical delivery have made him a powerful musical force. To expound on these attributes, his unyielding pursuit of musical perfection ensures his future success. The development of Harold’s unique style and swagger began as a fascination with the beauty of an alto sax. He started to showcase his talent in church and also in his High School band which helped him win a music scholarship to Denver University. His musical style and influences are based on jazz legends such as John Coltrane and Miles Davis, while also incorporating many other styles of music including classical, traditional and contemporary jazz, hip-hop, rock, Latin and southern blues, rock, reggae and popular music. The result of integrating these diverse musical genres is what transforms his very unique style of music to be raw, soulful, energetic, and breath-taking. He is finding himself in greater demand than ever in venues across America, building an army of loyal fans eagerly awaiting the completion of his first album. When Harold plays, his quiet demeanor and unassuming presence dissipate as listeners are drawn to the edge of their seats in a magnetic response to his musical ingenuity. With each note he evokes a different emotion – resulting in a sound that heals the soul. Whether it’s a soulful rendition of Billie Holiday’s “Strange Fruit” or Usher’s “O.M.G”, Harold Rapp III simply has a sound that is to music what air is to breathing – life giving.

Harold Rapp, III resides in Denver, Colorado, and regularly performs as a guest or feature artist.He is promoting his most recently released signature project “Set Apart” which is now available in online music stores.

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