James Danderfer

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"I laughed the first time I tried a Légère reed, I didn't think a synthetic reed could sound so good. 10 years later, I'm still playing them and by having a 1/2 dozen Légère reeds in rotation I find they'll last for the better part of a year. Légère reeds have the warmth and vibrancy I need, and the time I save by not fussing with cane reeds is now happily spent composing and practicing. Thanks!" - James Danderfer

"One of the best kept secrets in Canada,... a truly remarkable musician." (-Bill King, Jazz Preview, Jazz FM91.1)

Twice nominated "best jazz clarinetist" in the National Jazz Awards, recording artist and composer James Danderfer has impressed audiences around the world with his warm sound and lyrical improvising style. With educational credits including Interlochen World Center For the Arts, Western Michigan University (B.Mus, Jazz Performance), and McGill University (M.Mus, Jazz Composition) James has performed and recorded with some of the finest jazz musicians in North America.

James has been film scoring quite a bit throughout recent months, co-creating (with his wife) a musical film. A man of many talents, James also wrote the music featured in this film and performed on the soundtrack. The woodwind portions, of course, being played with Légère reeds. The film, "BEDBUGS: A Musical Love Story", is getting a lot of attention in Vancouver and is now playing in film festivals in Canada, USA and Europe.

In addition to this, James Danderfer just completed an animated feature film called "Pixies". While it has not yet been released, he hopes that it will reach the market by Christmas 2014.

Danderfer's other accomplishments include; recordings on his own record label (Reigning Parade) a testament to his musicality and eclectic tastes. From the sultry 1930s-style trio album 'Swingin' at the Patricia' (featuring James' "Jelly Roll Suite" commissioned by CBC Radio) to the powerful, 11-piece New Orleans brass band-inspired outing 'The Hummingbird Brigade' to his electro-jazz album 'City of Angles,' Danderfer's music is as exciting and varied as it is heartfelt.

For more information on James Danderfer please visit his website jamesdanderfer.com