Jason Whitmore

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“I made it my mission to find the best synthetic reed out there, and after playing on everything I could find, over several months it was clear that Légère reeds are the best! They are so alive & resilient and manage to last much longer than any other reed I’ve ever played. I absolutely love these reeds and recommend them to everyone!” – J. Whitmore

Jason Whitmore has been a professional saxophone player since the age of 18. With a degree in saxophone performance from the University of Houston his musical interests and performances have spanned across all genres. Growing up in Houston he gained a lot of experience playing the blues in night clubs while studying classical saxophone technique in school. Since the early 2000s Jason has focused much of his playing within electronic dance music styles. You will find Jason in high energy dance clubs all over the country playing alongside some of the hottest DJs. 

"I find that playing along with a DJ in this environment affords me a whole new kind of freedom in my performance. I'm able to introduce an organic voice back into what is traditionally a very electronically produced genre." 

2014 Promo Video 
Dec. 2016 - Performing the National Anthem for the San Diego Gulls Game 

Jason's live saxophone performances in dance clubs create a fresh take on the tracks that audiences are used to hearing. Jason also collaborates with DJs and music producers to create original music regularly. You can find a lot of his work as a featured artist on iTunes and most digital download sources. For Jason's performance schedule please visit www.JasonWhitmore.com or follow him on social media at: