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I dare to say Légère reed are the single one that exceed the current cane traditional reeds. It does not matter where I travel or the weather, I just need to put it in my instrument and that’s it. Has an amazing instant response, is stable and lasting much longer. Thanks Légère….. – José Oliveira

Maestro Jose Oliveira is the Saxophonist and Clarinetist of the principal orchestra of the State of Florida: The Miami Symphony, at the request of the well-know conductor Eduardo Marturet. On innumerable occasions he has been soloist, and as such has performed on stage and on disc with artist such as: Andrea Bocelli, Gustavo Dudamel, The Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela, Robert Vilera and Vilera Productions, Belinda, Juan Magan, Jose Feliciano, Roberto Carlos, Rafael “El Pollo Brito”, Lucero, Ana Gabriel, Cubanismo, Chino and Nacho, The Cadillacs, Oscar D’Leon, Rodner Padilla, The Adolescents, Edward Simon, Roberto Antonio, Rawayana, Jerry Rivera, Olga Tanon, Gilberto Santa Rosa, The State Academic Symphony Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus, The Caracas Municipal Symphony Orchestra, The Benjamin Brea Jazz Quintet, The New World Jazz Band, The Big Band Jazz of the Americas, among others.

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, at the age of 9 he began his studies on the clarinet at the Juan Jose Landaeta Conservatory of Music under the tutelage of Maestro Marck Friedman. He is founding member of the Chacao Youth Symphony Orchestra where he performed in numerous concerts as soloist and principal of the clarinet and saxophone section. He is founding member of the National Youth Orchestra of Venezuela “El Sistema” with which he performed in various National and International tours, covering the most important theaters of the world.

He was named Chacao Municipality Youth of the Year in 1998 and won the Young Soloist International Competition in Caracas. That same year, from a group of more than 1,000 youth at the national level, he was selected as exceptional performer in the arts as clarinetist and decorated with the Order of Jose Felix Rivas, which was awarded by President of the Republic Rafael Caldera.

He has developed his personal project, The Jose Oliveira Ensemble and is the director of one of the principal institutions of Venezuela: AKASUENA Academy of Arts, as well as the AKASUENA PRODUCTIONS recording studio, where he develops not only his career as soloist but as composer and music producer. A sample of his work can be seen in his most recent production “Suma y no Resta” which features his work as solo saxophonist, composer, and producer, and which was nominated in the 2014 Latin Grammy Awards. Maestro Oliveira is a member of the Grammy Recording Academy.

Maestro Oliveira continues his musical career hand with “El Sistema” and collaborated with them in important concerts for the growth of culture of the nation and international relations in tours from 1995 until the present.

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