Kazuyuki Hayashid

Artist Photo

Kazuyuki Hayashida graduated from Shobi-Gakuen Junior College in 1995 and completed the Graduate Course of Tokyo Conservatoire Shobi in 1977. He won the Saitama Hall Competition in1994 and then successfully passed the Tokyo Metropolitan Hall Audition in 1995.

In 1998, he won 6th prize of the 2nd Concours International Adophe Sax held in Dinan, Belgium and he performed a concerto with Royal Warone Camber Ochestra. In the same year, the “Fellow Saxophone Quartet” of which he had been the leader, won the Baroque Saal Prize from the Aoyama Institute. In 1999, he won first prize of the 16th Japan Wind and Percussion Competition and performed a concerto with the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, which was conducted by Norichika Iimori. He appeared on an NHK-FM Recital in 2000. He has frequently performed in New Japan Philharmonic as well as in chamber music and as soloist. He studied the saxophone under Masato Kumoi and chamber music under Yoshiyuki and Mariko Hattori. He currently teaches in the Graduate Course of Tokyo Music and Media Arts Shobi.