Naoki Aouda

Artist Photo

粟生田 直樹

Naoki AOUDA Clarinet

Born in Nagano, Japan. He went to Nagano Nishi high school and was graduated from Musashino Music College in 2003. He won the audition within the college and played as a soloist with its college orchestra. He had a privilege to be appeared in the following selective concerts: the Musashino music college graduation recital, Yamaha new face recital, Nagano new face recital in 2003. He won the prize at Takarazka Vega competition woodwind division in 2005 and 20th annual Japan woodwind competition clarinet division.

He studied with Takahiro Denda, Masaharu Yamamoto, Masashi Togame and Michio Kai.

He is a concert master and principal clarinet at Tokyo wind symphony orchestra. He is also an adjunct faculty at Komoro high school music division. 

長野県出身。長野県長野西高等学校卒業。2003年武蔵野音楽大学卒業。2001年11月にオーディションを経て同大学管弦楽団とソリストとして共演。2003年武蔵野音楽大学卒業演奏会・ヤマハ新人演奏会・長野県新人演奏会に出演。2005年第17回 宝塚ベガ音楽コンクール 木管部門 入選。2009年 第20回日本木管コンクール クラリネット部門 入選。