Paolo Di Cioccio

Artist Photo

“Légère Oboe reeds are the Future of the oboist; I play now these reeds in my concerts and recordings and the quality of sound and the intonation in all registers of the oboe are beautiful and perfect. You can see, for example, my interpretation of Alessandro Marcello oboe concerto on Paolo July 2016; this is my first live exhibition with a Légère oboe reed…Arundo Donax cane, Adieau.” – Paolo Di Cioccio 

The oboist and composer Paolo Di Cioccio was born in 1963 in Roma, Italy. Paolo’s musical background began with Professors Carlo Romano and Hansyoerg Schellenberger while he was studying at the Santa Cecilia Conservatory. Paolo currently holds the position of Oboe Professor at Ottorino Respighi Conservatorium in Latina, Italy and is the Oboe soloist for the Latina Philharmonia and Ottorino Respighi Orchestras.

His extraordinary musical abilities have allowed him to perform among the most prestigious musical organizations in the world; RAI Symphonic Orchestra, Roma Europe Festival, Nuova Consonanza, the International Chamber Ensemble, Orchestra Sinfonica Abruzzese, Orchestra G. Detrassi, Festival Mozart di Rovereto, Campus International de Musique, Festival de Sermoneta, Teatro Colón di Buenos Aires, Auditorio Blas Galindo del centro National de Las Artes-Domingo, Università Veracruzana-Xalapa, Società Dante Alighieri de La Plata, Centre Culturel de Saint Médard en Jalles, Église du Haillan, L’Auditorium de Bordeaux, Schaulspiel Haus-Berlino, Dresda, Karl Marx Stadt, to mention a few. 

Paolo DiCioccio has also had the opportunity to work with great musicians and directors such as B. Aprea, N. Samale, A. Lombard, E. Inbal, G. Gemetti, M. Caridis, P. Bellugi, A. Barbarossa, V. Bonolis, P. Mefano and the Dolmetsch Ensemble

As soloist and with chamber ensembles, Paolo Di Cioccio has performed in many Countries, including Germany, France, Portugal, Italy, Mexico, Columbia,Argentina,Cuba and more. He has numerous recordings covering repertoire from Bach to composers of XX century.