Paul Saunders

Artist Photo

Session Pro, Wicked, London's West End

"The ONLY viable and reliable alternative to cane. Légère reeds have made the business of 'fueling' four instruments at 'Wicked' childs play. I genuinely love their USB - plug and play ability, as they do not require moisture to make them work. This makes them ideal in pit situations for fast instrumment changes where the 'worry'' of the reed is simply taken away!" -Paul

After studying at the Royal College of Music under Michael Collins and Robert Hill, Paul has been working as a freelance clarinettist since 1991.

His work has been varied and comprises a range of performing styles. Solo work includes Bernstein's Prelude Fugue and Riffs for the Capital Radio Jazz Festival, and a demonstration of the clarinet for BBC Open University.

The theatre has proven to be where he is most at home and to that end, trebling has become second nature. All flutes, clarinets and saxophones have been played in West End theatres and throughout the UK in productions ranging from 'Candide' to 'The Producers'.

His current job (Wicked) requires B flat, Eflat, bass clarinets and soprano sax to be played and he now plays Légère reeds on all those instruments.