Paweł Smorąg

Artist Photo

“I discovered Légère Reeds about a year ago. It completely changed my approach to playing the saxophone. Finally got exactly the sound of the instrument I wanted, I was looking for. Légère Reeds allow me to achieve any kind of articulation I need, great intonation and dynamics. But above all - Légère Reeds always, in any situation, provide me with the same perfect sound of saxophone. I'm not worried now about my set-up, I do not think about it anymore. I now think only about music, about what I play. It's an amazing comfort...I was looking for this for more than 20 years of playing saxophone... Many thanks Légère Reeds!” – P. Smorąg

Paweł Smorąg performing for years in front of a wide audience, has proved himself to be a charismatic saxophonist with a seductive, dynamic sound, enormous energy and great feeling. Paweł’s musical expression is based on the mixture of different styles of music like: jazz, pop, soul and rock, which is to say that his music has a unique character and its sound breaks down many stylistic barriers.

Paweł’s main instrument is the alto saxophone, but he also plays tenor, soprano and flute.

He graduated from the Musical Academy in Katowice, Poland at the Jazz Music Faculty and has been always drawing inspiration from the works of such musicians like: Eric Marienthal, Kirk Whalum or Gerald Albright. All that helped him to develop his own, very energetic, and emotional style.

The saxophonist performed countless times in many music clubs in Poland, in Europe and in the USA. He collaborated with many artists: Irek Dudek, Ewa Błaszczyk, Arek Skolik, Krystyna Prońko. He also recorded    his sax solos on the albums of many different artists.

Presently Paweł has been working on his own solo material, performing with pro Big-Bands, recording in studios and playing live with    countless bands, projects and artists.

Paweł Smorąg has been doing workshops and clinics for saxophonists too. He is known also as a songwriter, arranger, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist.

Website to be launched in January 2017