Pete Thomas

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Performer, Composer, Producer, and Teacher

"Légère are the only synthetic reeds I can play on. None of the others sound like a "proper" reed and I believe I have tried them all. My current Alto reed has lasted for over a year. Big thumbs up!"    - Pete Thomas

Pete took up saxophone at the age of 18 after hearing Ornette Coleman and Lee Allen. He was originally self taught before gaining a scholarship to the jazz course at Leeds College of Music. This was followed by extensive dues paying which consisted of every imaginable (and unimaginable) type of gig. He plays all saxophones from bass to sopranino as well as flutes and clarinet. Although he has been known to play jazz, his specialities are now blues, pop and rock.

During the 80s he toured with rock and rock & roll bands (Bill Haley, Fats Domino, Joe Jackson and Richard Thompson) and worked extensively as a session musician with credits including Elton John, R.E.M., Joe Jackson, Dana Gillespie and Jimmy Witherspoon. During this time he struck up a lasting friendship and working relationship with legendary tenor player and hero Lee Allen.

Throughout the 90s he continued playing saxophone and was commissioned by Virgin Music to devise and present a saxophone tuition video/DVD ("The best one out there" - says Phill Straker of During this time he also concentrated on a new career as a composer and producer. Production credits include PJ Harvey, The Vulcans, Ray Gelato & Big J Mcneely. His composition work covers a very broad range of film and TV. This includes featured music for the movie Blue Ice (Michael Caine), American Kick Boxer II, Monkey Business, The Cosby Show and many TV commercials (Orangina, Holsten Pils, Dry Blackthorn, Dewars)

As a teacher Pete has taught saxophone and composition at undergraduate and post graduate level, including seminars at Southampton University, Leeds College of Music and University of Texas.

He currently works as a full time composer and producer as well as running the saxophone resource website Taming The Saxophone and discussion forum/blog Cafesaxophone. In addition to the saxophone instruction DVD Pete which is still a best seller, he has also published a saxophone tuition book Taming The Saxophone. He has also designed a range of mouthpieces, the PPT. All revenue from these sites, publications and products is donated to charity, currently band on the Wall (in aid of disabled musicians). To date over £35,000 has been raised.

Recently, Pete has had the opportunity to do some recording with Arielle Dombasle and tour Europe with The Hillbilly Moon Explosion. (saxophone forum) (saxophone resources and tuition)