Petteri Kivioja

Artist Photo

Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra Clarinetist

“I tested Légère Signatures for Clarinet soon after they were released. I had tried several synthetic reeds before, but for the first time I realized that Légère Signatures were the long waited solution for my needs.

Légère Signature is the most important innovation and development that has happened during my 30 year career as a professional with Clarinets and Saxophones.”

Petteri started his clarinet studies at the age of 10 in Hyvinkää, Finland and later, meanwhile in Tampere Conservatory, won the 1984 Crusell Clarinet Competition. 

Before Petteri began his studies at Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, he attended several master classes in Europe, including studies with Professor Kalman Berkes in Budapest, Hungary. He continued to attend masterclasses throughout his studies here as well.

Petteri Kivioja holds a permanent Clarinet position with the Helsinki Philarmonic Orchestra since 1992. In addition to the Bb Clarinet Petteri plays with the Orchestra he also performs on the Eb and Bass Clarinets and plays mostly jaz on his Soprano, Alto and Tenor Saxophones.