Phil French

Artist Photo

“I’m oh so blessed to be an endorsing artist of LÉGÈRE REEDS.  I currently play the Signature Reeds size 2 3/4.  These reeds are simply fantastic!!!  I’ve been blessed to have played all types of natural cane and synthetic reeds. None gives me the reliability, tone and feel like the Signature Series reed by Légère !!!  These reeds have literally made me fall in love with my soporano and tenor saxophones.

In my honest opinion, the LÉGÈRE SIGNATURE SERIES outplays them all. SOMETIMES, better is just better!!!” 

Phil’s lifelong passion for music started at the age of 10, which is when he began formal saxophone training in the Maryland public school system. He honed skills while playing at Shiloh Church of God 7th Day in Hyattsville, Maryland.  

As a youth, Phil continued to play his saxophone in both Christian and secular arenas. Phil has had the experience of performing with many talented individuals including: the late Grover Washington Jr., the late Stanley Turrentine, Pieces of a Dream, Marion Meadows, Norman Connors, Brian McKnight, the late Ollie Woodson formerly of the Temptations, the Clark Sisters, The Winans, Fred Hammond, and Richard Smallwood.  He’s also recorded on albums with Ben Tankard, Alvin Nesbitt, and Amos Davis.  

For four years Phil was a band member and music director for the Grammy Award winner Yolanda Adams. While playing with Yolanda, he also had the opportunity to record on her cd entitled, “More Than a Melody”. During this same time, Phil was also a band member of the legendary Jean Carne. It was during experience with Jean Carne that Phil was encouraged to fully develop and polish his stage presence and perfect his circular breathing technique.

Phil truly believes that music is for everyone. His call and desire is to use the gifts that God has given him in music as a language to cross all barriers including, but not limited to race, denomination, religion and color.  Most of all, he simply wants to bring God glory. Phil truly realizes that all gifts come from God and that we must honor Him through our gifts.

“The LEGERE SIGNATURE REEDS are quite versatile.  They accommodate all of my musical needs from jazz, gospel, pop and r&b music. I don’t see myself ever endorsing another brand of reeds.  I can even direct my students and friends to the LEGERE BRAND of reeds.  They’re like BURGER KING. “They give it to you your way!!!” - RESPECTFULLY SUBMITTED, PHIL FRENCH