Rick Rossi

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“I have tested synthetic reeds for over 25 years and never found anything that was even close to being able to replace my cane reeds. However, 2 years ago I tried the Légère reeds for the first time and was really impressed with how good the reed felt and played. Then, this year at the Namm show in Los Angeles I tried the newest model of the Légère reed on my tenor sax and was totally knocked out by it. It not only felt good but it played as good as one of my BEST cane reeds. It is really responsive in all registers of the horn and has a warm, rich sound and uniform clarity from the bottom to top of the horn. Best of all, I know it’s going to feel and sound the same every time I play it, I don’t have to break it in and don’t have to worry about my reed drying out and warping while I’m playing one of my other saxophones if I’m playing an outdoor event. In short, this is an amazing reed by any standard and I’m recommending it to every saxophone player I know.” – Rick

Rick Rossi has been nominated for a Grammy Award three times throughout his career, winning one in 2000He has a distinctive style and versatility that has kept him in high demand for studio work

Rick also composed and arranged music for television and film and made numerous appearances on national television, including; The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Good Morning America, David Letterman, Conan O’Brien, MTV, VH-1 and David Lettermanto name a few. He was also a featured soloist on the Grammy-Award winning, multi-platinum CD The Dirty Boogie

He has played in some of the most famous venues around the world alongside legendary artists such as Frank Sinatra, Natalie Cole, Tony Bennett, Bobby Caldwell, Stanley Clark, George Duke, Cher, and Shakira. 

As a composer, recording artist and musical director, Rick has worked on major Hollywood releases as well as popular television series and shows such as Friends, The West Wing, ER, Baywatch, Six Feet Under, The Tonight Show, VH-1, MTV, Star Trek-First Contact, Deep Space Nine, Nixon and many, many more.

Most recently Rick has appeared in the Hollywood features; The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons, The Wedding Crashers, Monster-In-Law, Accepted and Rumor Has It.

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