Rimvydė Muzikevičiūtė

Artist Photo

“I came across Légère Signature reeds in 2014. They were brilliant: the sound was easy to control, register changes became smoother and articulation cleaner. I find them really suitable to perform baroque music that I enjoy playing a lot. With these reeds I gain more confidence in competitions and concerts because I know that wherever I go they will not change due to the weather conditions. I know I will not have any problems. Légère reeds let me feel stable. Since I started using the reeds they have allowed me to concentrate on my music and avoid the problems I had before.” – Ms. Muzikevičiūtė

Born in 1994 in Lithuania, Rimvydė Bernadeta Muzikevičiūtė graduated with top result (10/10) from the National M. K. Čiurlonis School of Art in 2014. Currently studying at the F. A. Bonporti Conservatory of Trento, Italy with Marco Albonetti. 

Rimvydė has participated at several masterclasses, as well as at summer courses of  Laubach (Germany) and SaxArts (Faenza, Italy). There she was learning from the world known saxophone players, such as Arno Bornkamp, Vincent David, Branford Marsalis, Yannis Miralis, Russell Peterson, Pekka Savijoki and Jan Schulte- Bunert. 

Ms. Muzikevičiūtė is already a winner of several prizes in national and international competitions.

In chamber music:

  • First prize at the VIII International Chamber Music Competition “Muziciejam kopa ar draugiem“ in Riga, Latvia (2010)
  • Third prizes in the International Chamber Music Competition “Musical Aquarell“, Lithuania (2011, 2013)

Rimvydė performs regularly as a tenor saxophonist of the “Virtuoso Saxophone Quartet” which played at the 2015 World exposition (EXPO), SaxArts Festival 2015 and XVIII International Music Festival “Sugrįžimai” (Lithuania) in 2016.

As a soloist:

  • Second prizes at the International “Jazz Fountain” Competition (2008, 2009)
  • In 2011 she received the Appreciation Certificate from the president of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaitė
  • Performed the Concerto for alto saxophone and string orchestra by A.Glazunov op.109 with the chamber orchestra of Kaunas Vytautas Magnus University and Vilnius
    St. Christophor Chamber Orchestra , Lithuania (2014)
  • Received the scholarship of the SaxArts festival in Faenza, Italy (2015, 2016)
  • First prize (95/100) in 9th National Competition “Piove di Sacco”, Italy (2016)
  • First prize (95/100) in 14th International Padova Music Competition “Premio Città di Padova” , Italy (2016)
  • Semifinalist in The First Asian Saxophone Congress Competition Chiayi, Taiwan
    (2016 December)

Moreover, in 2015 she was selected as a first alto saxophone player of the EUYWO (European Union Youth Wind Orchestra) for the concerts in Luxembourg and The Netherlands. As a part of RWO (Rovereto Wind Orchestra) performed a premiere in Italy of F. Cesarini Symphony “The Archangels” in Opera di Firenze- 79o Stagione Maggio Musicale Fiorentino.