Royal City Saxophone Quartet

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Ragtime, Classics & Jazz

The Royal City Saxophone Quartet (RCSQ) was formed in 1991 in Guelph , Ontario . Since their debut right here at the University of Guelph, the group has carved its own niche in the genre of Ragtime. Their recordings That’s A Plenty!, Smiles and Chuckles, Ragtime for Rent and Ticklin' Time have enjoyed worldwide appeal and have been featured on CBC Radio, CJRT Jazz.FM, commercial classical stations, and on Public Radio International. Concert tours have taken the group to ragtime and jazz festivals throughout Canada and the United States including the du Maurier Downtown Jazz Festival in Toronto , the Evergreen Ragtime Bash in Colorado , the Grand International Ragtime-Jasstime Festival at Alexandria Bay , and the world's largest Scott Joplin Ragtime Festival in Sedalia , Missouri . In 1998, the RCSQ represented Ontario in a Canada Day performance before an audience of over 100,000 on Parliament Hill in Ottawa .

They blend together four talented and enthusiastic musicians playing on four different members of the saxophone family to bring you a packed programme of fun and musical antics. Their musical promenades always leave audiences with lasting musical memories.

"Mr. Saxophone" himself--Paul Brodie of the Order of Canada --has called them “First Class! One of the best saxophone quartets in Canada ”. With timeless appeal, these “pied-pipers” of the saxophone present sparkling renditions of Classical, Ragtime & Jazz selections from the popular to the obscure.

Their third CD called Smiles and Chuckles – Celebrating the Music of the Six Brown Brothers was recorded at the River Run Centre in Guelph in 2003 in collaboration with CBC Records, and is a tribute to a troupe of Canadian saxophonists who became stars of Vaudeville for a period of 20 years in the early 20th century. They were famous for their on-stage antics dressed in clown costumes and makeup. The RCSQ is excited to revive the spirit and the music of their countrymen pioneers.

That’s A Plenty! is their latest CD, released in 2006, and features Ragtime and Classical and the added bonus of a rhythm section for the Jazz and Latin selections.

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