Ryan Burrage

Artist Photo

“I have been using Légère Classic Clarinet reeds and Signature Series Saxophone reeds for a little over a year now, and have used them exclusively ever since.  I have not had the desire or temptation to return to conventional reeds. Légère reeds offer me the consistency, projection, articulation, and the edge I require to put on the best performance possible.  Many thanks to Légère reeds for an inimitable product.” – Ryan Burrage

Ryan Burrage, a native of New Orleans, LA, is an up and coming reed player based out of New Orleans, LA.

Equally proficient on clarinets and saxophones, Ryan has earned a reputation of being a satisfying and adventurous player in any type of situation.

Ryan started being recognized for his talent in 2001, when he was designated as bandleader of the prestigious Fritzel’s European Jazz Club on Bourbon St., the oldest and continuous run jazz club in New Orleans. He performed there nightly for nearly 6 years, for 6 nights a week. While he had been performing for nearly ten years in New Orleans as a sideman, this marked his debut as a bandleader with his band, Ryan Burrage and His Rhythmakers. He performed nightly at Fritzel’s frequently joined by fellow reedman and Sidney Bechet student Jacques Gauthe’, which when they perform together much resembles the two reedmen recordings of Jimmie Noone & Doc Poston, Sidney Bechet & Albert Nicholas, Sidney Bechet and Mezz Mezzrow, and more recently like the recordings of the Soprano Summit(featuring Kenny Davern & Bob Wilbur).

While Ryan focuses his repertoire mainly in the traditional New Orleans jazz idiom, Ryan is also versatile and willing to express himself in other genres. Ryan has played R&B, jump swing, swing, post bop, hard bop, cool jazz, gospel, and more.

Ryan Burrage can perform on an arsenal of woodwind instruments. To date, he has performed and recorded on Sopranino, Soprano(straight and curved), Alto, C-Melody, Tenor, and Baritone Saxophones; Albert and Boehm system Eb, C,  Bb, A and G Clarinets and Alto & Bass Clarinet and Chalumeau.

Ryan is endorsed by JodyJazz Mouthpieces by Jody Espina, and currently spends his time performing with the renowned Dukes of Dixieland – and freelances whenever and wherever else needed as time permits.