Samuel Davidson

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“Before switching to Légère I used to spend countless hours working with cane reeds to try to get them to perform better. When I finally switched I was surprised at the rich, pure tone I was able to produce, the amazing dynamic sensitivity- and how much time I saved by using them! I feel like a great reed should allow an artist to focus on the music, not the equipment, and Légère lets me do just that. Thanks for an amazing product!” - Sam

Sam Davidson is a contemporary clarinetist from Vancouver BC. Since completing a degree at the University of British Columbia a decade ago, Davidson has found his niche as a fringe clarinetist, wind synthesist and producer.

Recording under the moniker Skim Milk since 2013, Sam embraces a new direction in clarinet playing, one that utilizes a plethora of influences from orchestral foundations, jazz improvisation, eastern european nuance and electronic approaches.

He is a member of Canadian band Brasstronaut who have toured Europe and North America extensively to much critical acclaim. This experimental pop band showcases the clarinet in an usual context alongside a contemporary rock music setting as well as featuring Sam’s unique voice on the EWI, a breath controlled synthesizer. In addition he performs regularly with Toronto based violinist extraordinaire Jaron Freeman-Fox and The Opposite of Everything. 

His second full-length album Skim Milk: Ghosts of Jazz is out in October 2015. It brings together Davidson’s passion for the jazz era with his deep admiration of hip hop and electronic music.

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