Shannon Kennedy

Artist Photo

“When It comes to reed consistency and quality, Légère is honestly the best. When I started using their reeds a few years ago, I was ecstatic over how much easier my performing, rehearsing and practicing became. Not only did the reeds I used have a longer life, but I was also able to skip the annoying reed preparation or ‘breaking in’ I had grown accustomed to. They’re fantastic when I’m on the road because I don’t have to worry about how they’ll perform or last. With Légère I’m able to get the response and sound I want. I highly recommend them.” – Shannon Kennedy

Creating an accomplished reputation in an ever-expanding array of musical genres, Shannon Kennedy is recognized as an extraordinarily multi-faceted artist, composer, producer, performer, and recording artist. 

Primarily recognized as a ‘powerhouse saxophonist’ throughout Southern California, Kennedy made her international debut performing on the 2007 Smooth Jazz Cruise with some of smooth jazz’s best-known performers – Brian Culberston, Craig Chaquico, Boney James, Candy Dulfer, Nick Colionne, and Michael Lington. 

Since then, she has toured and performed with 10,000 Maniacs, Peter White, U-Nam and has made an appearance on the television series America’s Got Talent and Jimmy Kimmel Live. Additionally, Kennedy has produced and recorded several solo projects and she is excited to announce the release of her fifth full album, ‘Behind Your Eyes’. 

Most recently, Shannon has joined guitarist U-Nam to form the smooth jazz supergroup Groove LTD with the release of their duet single “It’s Only Love” which was Chartbound on the US Billboard Charts.