Tracy Vignati

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The Vignatis

"From the instant I tried a Légerè reed, I was converted. The consistency, stability, durability and craftsmanship are unparalleld. Being a singer, I don't always play my clarinet on every song so I no longer have to worry about the reed drying out only to create a nuisance for my audience. However, the biggest and best reason for me.....drum roll,'s the ONLY reed that is lipstick-friendly!"  -  Tracy Vignati

Tracy is everything that is right about that uniqueness of blending avant-gardeness with pragmatism inside of artistry. She is first a force who has stayed true to her passions armed with the discipline and extra-adaptability of any U.S. Air Force "military brat." 

Through a wide variety of frequent moves and cultural exposure, Tracy has developed a resilient personality, exceptional social skills and a high level of multicultural awareness which can be heard through her musical mutations. From her college opera studies to her vocal jazz solo album with the power trio of drummer Peter Erskine, bassist John Patitucci and pianist Alan Pasqua, to her most current co-creation of The Vignatis with husband and guitarist, Fabrice Vignati. Together they created 2 albums; "Birth of the Gypsybilly" and "Birth of the Gypsybilly Vol. 2". Both albums were recorded with the dynamic rhythm section of drummer Bernie Dresel and slap bassist Johnny Hatton, both from The Brian Setzer Orchestra.  

Tracy comes armed with the true gift of a highly skilled singer who revisits her nostalgic, nerdy, middle school band days by playing her prized possession, her neon-pink clarinet named Betty. She has learned well from many of her musical influences like Ella Fitzgerald, Carmen McRae, Eddie Daniels, Miles Davis, Brian Setzer, Brad Paisley, Martina McBride, Lady Gaga, Pink, Sugarland and The Beatles, to name a few.

A 3rd album is in the works so stay tuned for more tunes.