Waylon Hicks

Artist Photo

Saxophone­ San Diego, CA

"After playing inconsistent reeds for so many years, I decided to give Légère a try. I was instantly blown away by the Signature Model Alto and Tenor reeds! Playing was suddenly effortless and fun again! Needless to say, I haven't gone back to cane reeds for any reason ever since first trying Légère. With these reeds I am able to obtain an even response throughout the full range of my horn at all dynamic levels! No matter what the venue, indoors, outdoors, hot or cold, Légère never lets me down. I am finally able to express myself freely and focus on my music rather than having to worry about whether or not my reeds will sufficiently perform. Thank you so much Légère!"  - Waylon Hicks

First arriving to the Southern CA live music scene in 2006, Waylon Hicks has quickly become known as a talented and highly capable artist. He has made his home in San Diego, CA and is a regular performer at many of the area’s top venues. He continues to provide a fresh approach to his music and strives to open audience’s ears to something new and exciting. His passion for music and his persistence are the keys to the success he has enjoyed. Waylon is active in promoting music education in San Diego area schools being a product of school band himself. He is also a highly sought after music educator, maintaining his own private lesson music studio. Currently you may hear Waylon perform many times a month with his band, The Waylon Hicks Project.