Zhang Yong Feng

Artist Photo

“I had used plastic reeds before but the feeling and sound were far from the natural reed. Légère reeds are the closest to natural reed and the sound is more modern, and the feeling is good. I can adapt it within a very short time. And the longer using time & stable quality are also cool.” – Greg Zhang

Young saxophonist Zhang Yongfeng is one of the few saxophone players coming from Shandong Province in China.  

Zhang Yongfeng started learning music since young age. He was later influenced by contemporary music and took up saxophone, learning under China's first generation jazz musician and educator, Lu Tingquan. 

Representing the new generation of saxophonists, Zhang Yongfeng combines modern music theory with superb performing skills, always leaving a great impression with his audience. He has performed for many years now and has a long-term cooperation with outstanding musicians at home and abroad. 

Zhang loves to incorporate progressive musical ideas and is committed to developing modern music education in Qingdao, especially to the popularization and advancement of jazz music. 

To hear some of Zhang’s music;