Friday Reeds | Classic vs. Signature Series

One of the most frequently asked questions about Légère is: How do Classic reeds differ from our signature series?

The Classic Series was the first of its kind. The original and unique synthetic design has a physical structure that emulates traditionally prepared moistened cane. It is most appropriate for marching performers due to its durable build while being capable of more volume versus other cuts. It ensures even and easy playing across all registers of your instrument.  It is the ideal reed to start with if you’re considering the switch!

The Signature Series is cut thinner than the Classic Series and is made with a stiffer grade of oriented polypropylene. Material is shifted away from the edges and concentrated into the central spine of the vamp making it more flexible across the tip. This allows the reed to vibrate more freely across the heart creating a full spectrum of overtones and a more nuanced sound with minimum effort preferred by most #LegereArists.

Let us know – what do you play?