Friday Reeds | European Signature Series

Today’s #FridayReed is a question we receive often: What is the European Cut Signature Reed?
The “cut” of a reed, refers to the way the reed is shaped, trimmed and filed to develop specific tonal outcomes for specific playability purposes. 
Our European Cut has a slightly shorter and wider vamp which is comfortable on the embouchure.  There is an addition of a band of extra material along the spine that provides rigidity without compromising the reed's free blowing nature or high register stability.
This reed can be used on all styles of music, making it prevalent worldwide. 
It has quickly become our top selling clarinet reed. Any #LegereArtist can attest to their success and most are switching to play it exclusively. It is designed specifically for French mouthpieces for the B♭ Soprano clarinet and will not work on most German mouthpieces.
#Saxophonists, are you still reading? Due to the overwhelmingly positive response we received from the release of the European Cut clarinet reed, it is one of our main priorities to bring these developments to the sax. Our Research and Development department has made the first series of prototypes and are currently being tested with top level players. The results so far have been promising and we hope to have an announcement for you in coming months.
Early testing indicates the reed is easy to use and comfortable in the embouchure. It seems to skew slightly darker than the Signature Series for new sound profile altogether. This reed is being developed for the intermediate/advanced musician and is sure to keep up with you and your style of playing.
Have you tried our European cut yet?