Friday Reeds | Exchange of Strength Policy

On this week’s #FridayReeds we talk about our Exchange of Strength policy!

Did you know all Légère single reeds are offered in ¼ strengths and Légère is the ONLY manufacturer to offer an Exchange of Strength policy?

We understand that it is sometimes hard to measure the exact strength that will suit your playing. Therefore, we not only offer a comprehensive strength chart to compare our reeds to popular cane reeds, we will also exchange the reed for one of appropriate strength. This way, you do not have to purchase reeds that don’t suit your embouchure or style of playing. You’ll always have the correct strength, giving you the Freedom to Perform!

Did you know that 56% of exchanges are due to customers needing a softer reed?

To exchange your reed simply fill out this form: and you will promptly hear back from us with instructions on how to send back your reeds – simple as that! If approved, an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) form will be emailed to you with simple instructions from there.

Please note: one exchange is permitted per reed purchase, and five reed exchanges are permitted per year per customer. Exchanges are restricted to purchases made within the past 30 days. We hope these terms are fair but if you feel otherwise, please let us know and we will be happy to consider an exception.

To see if you qualify for an exchange, please visit: