Légère Artist Feature | JenJammin Sax

Why did you choose the saxophone over other reed instruments? 

Interesting question. I’ll start off by just saying that I’ve never met anyone that doesn’t like the sax, regardless of the genre they usually listen to! The voice of the sax has the ability to connect with the listener in quite a unique way. Originally I played the clarinet and studied this at RNCM and LCoM. It was only a few years back, after graduating, that I took up the sax. I fell in love with the sound of the sax and felt a burning desire to switch. Looking back now it’s probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! It feels so right for me. The sax really suits the style of house and pop music that I play and write. That all being said, I’ll always be glad I played the clarinet for so long first. I think my tone on the sax has a lot to do with my years of developing a great sound on the clarinet. And after all, your sound is at the very heart of everything as an artist. 

What keeps you motivated to play and practice?

I would say the combination of the love of playing and the desire to improve, in addition with inspiration from other artists. For me the sheer love of playing means I rarely needing any other kind of motivation. From a young age I practiced for hours a day and was very disciplined. I still have that discipline now but on the whole, I balance my time between practicing, performing, writing and recording. Summer is usually busy with performing and practicing and then in the winter months I have more time for writing music. 

What advice would you give to intermediate musicians taking the leap to the advanced / professional tier? 

To help you get bookings, develop your reach with venues and agents, alongside regularly improving your online presence. Try and work on your website SEO, building up your social media channels and collaborate with other artists.  If you need additional income whilst your performing increases consider having a portfolio career. Look into teaching, recording and writing music. If you feel you would enjoy these things and have the skills then explore these avenues. Don’t be afraid to start now even if you haven’t done it before. You could find that you enjoy the variety of work. For example, teaching brings a completely different type of job satisfaction than performing. Most performers have had so many lessons before that it comes naturally to them when they teach. It might go without saying, but you should try and invest in professional equipment. For example, as a solo saxophonist you’ll benefit from a good wireless microphone system, PA system, home recording equipment etc (the list can be quite extensive so just upgrade as and when you can). You need to know with every booking you take, that you’re technical equipment is as reliable as your Légère reed! 

How has your musical life changed since you starting using Légère Reeds?

The consistency of both the quality of the reeds and how they respond from day to day in different conditions is, in my opinion, the worlds best. I no longer spend time selecting and playing in reeds - which used to be rather time consuming and costly. Time is precious and Légère gives me that time back. 

What’s next for you in your musical career? 

The next exciting thing on the cards is my first original JenJammin Sax house music release, which will be on major platforms. This is a marriage of my love for playing House sax and composing; the latter being an exciting new aspect of my career. Whilst I was studying at music college I was a keen composer and so now alongside my sax playing, it seems only natural that I make my own House Music. I would describe my music as melodic house. It’s feel-good instrumental music (mainly sax) with a sprinkling of uplifting vocals. This is just the start of this journey and I’m really excited to be able to share this once it’s ready for release. The track is called ‘Feels Like Home’ and features a combination of sax, piano riffs and vocals. Whilst this is in the hands of my studio engineer, I’m currently working on writing more tracks, improving my writing skills, and expanding my music tech knowledge. It’s all very exciting and means I’m enjoying the luxury of spending far too much time in my music room!!