Légère Inspiration Mouthpiece Combinations

After years of design and engineering collaboration between two very passionate musical perfectionists - Guy Légère and Nick Kückmeier - we proudly offer the InspirationMouthpiece Combination.

Nick Kückmeier, the world-renowned Austrian mouthpiece craftsman, has designed each piece as the perfect complement to Guy Légère’s unrivaled premium synthetic reeds. The Inspiration is the first mouthpiece of its kind to be precisely machined to Légère’s exacting standards. Delivering a dark, warm tone and allowing for quick articulation and intonation, the Inspiration Mouthpiece Combination unleashes your freedom to perform at every stage of a woodwind musician’s career. Inspiration requires less power up front while delivering more power to the instrument, for the performance perfection sought by professionals and avid hobbyists alike.

Each Inspiration Combination for Bb clarinet and Alto saxophone includes: 

  • 1 matte finish mouthpiece
  • 1 Rovner Ligature (North America) or BG Ligature (outside North America)
  • 1 Légère reed (Signature for Alto and Classic for Bb Clarinet)
  • 1 mouthpiece cap
  • 1 mouthpiece cushion

Légère Inspiration Mouthpiece Combinations are now available to music retailers from their authorized Légère distributor, and to woodwind musicians at finer music stores everywhere.