An update on oboe (and bassoon) reed production.

January 14, 2016

At Légère Reeds Ltd, we have been making premium synthetic clarinet and saxophone reeds since 1998. As most of our customers know, we have been trying to make high quality double reeds for more than a decade. The process is challenging: double reed blades are extremely difficult to make, and it is also very hard to assemble the blades to make a durable but responsive product. We have succeeded in making both oboe and bassoon reeds suitable for concert performances, but we have had trouble in doing this consistently in a production-ready process. This is not the fault of our production team; we are simply trying to do something that is unprecedented and exceedingly difficult.

Most recently, we showcased our European scrape oboe reed at the 2015 IDRS in Tokyo, and we announced that worldwide distribution would begin last fall. We have not followed through on that promise, and for this I want to personally apologize. We are just not willing to ship reeds that don’t live up to the Légère reputation for excellence.

As of today, I believe that we will be able to ramp up production on our European scrape oboe reeds over the next two months, but I can’t provide a specific date until I have the reeds in our warehouse ready for delivery. Until that time, I can only ask you for your continued patience.

Sincerely yours,

Mark Kortschot
President and CEO