Dr. Alvin McKinney (Continued...)

Brother Alvin is a power alto artist.  It is my privilege to be his friend and it is my privilege to be his fellow artist.  As an Artist Alvin McKinney touches the inner fiber of any musician and any producer. Alvin has certainly done that for me.  His creative process accentuates his professional musical talent. Everyone moved by his music learns how to become a better artist and a better person.” Daniello De Laurentiis/Guitar Virtuoso – Grammy Award Winner

You played from your soul…I’m sure that you’ve played with some of the biggest names in the world…you’re right up there with the best of them, and I’ve heard a lot of great Artists.”  William Kidston, Three Time Award Emmy Winning Photographer, Television, Camera and Film Maker

Dr. Alvin McKinney is in my ears and heart a sax player from Heaven. Listen and meet the Spirit of Healing and Peace.  Just what America (and the rest of the world) needs these days…” Hans Christian Faerden, Editor, State of Globe, Norway


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