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Did you know?

It takes two weeks from the time that we first process our plastic until we put the reed in its final package!

Some people imagine that our reeds are stamped or molded out of cheap plastic in a few seconds.   This could not be farther from the truth.

Clarinet Reeds

Légère Clarinet reeds come in two different ranges, Signature and Classic, and in multiple cuts.

Please consider our Strength Charts before purchasing a reed. 

Légère Signature Series

B♭ Soprano, B Bass 

Professionals prefer our Signature Series reeds, which produce a warm, rich tone in all registers. Signature Series reeds are made from a stiffer material and are cut thinner than our Classic reeds. These changes make the Signature Series reeds more flexible across the tip, producing a full spectrum of overtones and a beautiful sound with minimum effort. 

European Cut Signature Series

B Soprano

The European Cut Signature Series for B♭ Soprano is the next advancement in Légère synthetic reed development. The reed is characterized by a slightly shorter and wider vamp that is comfortable in the embouchure. There is a band of extra material along the spine that provides rigidity without compromising the reed's free blowing nature or high register stability. 

The European Cut Signature Series is designed specifically for French mouthpieces and will not work on most German mouthpieces.  

Légère Classic Series

B♭ Soprano, E♭ Soprano, B♭ Bass and B♭ Contrabass

A stiffer reed most appropriate for a Traditional or Classical setup. This reed has a thicker tip than our other Clarinet reeds and is designed to produce a darker sound. It is a great reed to start with, but remains popular with players at all levels. 

German Cut

B Soprano

This reed is designed specifically for the German System and has become a huge seller in Europe. Our German cut reed is very similar in most aspects, to our “Bb Standard” cut and produces a similar sound. The vamp design for the German cut reed is why this reed will only work with the German System. The vamp is much shorter than other Bb Clarinet reeds and the vamp length must match the mouthpiece opening to properly play.