viib By Légère, For NUVO Instruments



The viib By Légère is designed to work seamlessly with  instruments Clarinéo, jSax and the DooD.

Like all Légère reeds, the viib is easy to use, lasts a long, long time, and provides unmatched playability and tone quality for players of all skill levels (beginners to advanced!)


Just like a full-sized saxophone or clarinet, the performance of your  instrument depends on the reed you choose. At Légère, we have been making reeds since 1998 and we've learned a few things along the way. While the  reeds supplied with your instrument can provide a good start, a Légère reed will help a beginning player achieve the best possible sound and fall in love with playing music.

Légère reeds are used by jazz legends, on Broadway, and in the world’s best-known orchestras. We believe that  instruments provide the next generation with a wonderful introduction to a lifetime of music, and we built the viib to make sure that their first experience was truly memorable. Try the viib By Légère today and see what you can do on your  instrument.