Légère Artist Feature | Rimvyde Muzikeviciute

Why did you choose the saxophone over other reed instruments?

At first, I was enrolled to study violin but at the opening concert of the school year I heard a saxophone quartet playing for the first time in my life. It made me felt that saxophone was the instrument I wanted to learn. Since then playing in a quartet has been a constant source of inspiration.

What keeps you motivated to practice and play?

The repertoire and the sound of the saxophone quartet are my biggest inspiration and passion. There is so much to search in harmony, sound blending and communication between the members of the quartet. Every time one plays they can lose themselves in a completely new and different world of sounds. I strongly believe that with a high-quality performance one can transmit so much good energy to the audience and make them feel as excited about the material as the musicians are. Additionally, I always get inspired by such artists and composers as Avishai Cohen, David Maslanka, Ties Mellema, Russell Peterson.

What advice would you give to intermediate musicians taking the leap to the advanced/professional tier?

If you feel like it, go for it and do not be afraid, just keep in mind that there are always ups and downs.

How has your musical life changed since you started playing Légère reeds?

My musical life became more stable and with less worries about which reeds to choose. I feel less anxious and more flexible in expressing myself through the music itself. I do not have to worry as much about the technical issues as I did before.

What’s next for you in your musical career?
Currently I am working on Italian baroque compositions and combining them with some visual material for my graduation project. I find it really interesting and I am very glad that Légère reeds helps me in my research of the “right” sound of the period.